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YMFCM- Your My Favorite Creative Mistake


I recently heard a quote from a film that said, “I don’t believe in mistakes.” The context of this film was that mostly of a romantic comedy. However, I thought the quote had some truth to it.  It is said that one should never regret, but of course that is better said than done. How often have you ever thought of a moment to which you could take back? Or if you were presented the chance, you would do things differently. Here is something to think about; if you hadn’t done what you did, would you become the person that you are?

Mistakes can sometimes be a good thing. This can be especially true for the creation process. For example: I had a completely different idea for how I wanted the painting you see before you to come out. It was meant to be a profile of a girl, but as I was beginning paint in the details of her face, I accidently dripped some black paint. Naturally, at first I was upset, but before I knew it, the girl didn’t want to be seen but hidden in shadow. 

In studying Pollack, I read and watched videos about his creation process. I learned that the abstract paintings we know of him today started as a mere accident while he was in the process of creating a new piece. Just from that first accidental drip, a new style of abstract art was born. There are many moments in time that I have written a poem, created a painting, or even had a conversation with a friend that was inspired from a mistake. Let’s face it, in life you are going to make mistakes, period. So when they happen, let them, you never know that mistake could launch you to highest creative moment. Here is my impromptu idea for the week: Think of one particular moment in your life that stemmed from a mistake and create a short story from it.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams

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