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Your Creative Brain - A Delicious Book

I have discovered a new treat! A book titled “Your Creative Brain,” by author Shelly Carson, PHD. This book brings forth knowledge on how everyone has the capability to be creative. In addition she showcases seven steps on how to increase this within your life. I thought this would be the perfect book of the month to share with you. Sometimes to understand things we must get to the root of it, and this book breaks down the creative process in the brain to a science, and offers great exercises for you to discover what creative type you are.

There were two particular questions that Dr. Carson asks in the beginning of the book.  I believe fall in line to why I started the “LE Creative Hour,” in the first place. The first question was:  “Isn’t creativity mainly for artists, writers, and musicians? The second: What if I’m not a creative person?” [1]  She then proceeds to give factual evidence on how creativity not from artists, has affected many communities. If you have ever asked yourself these two questions, I highly recommend that you read this book. It will adhere to all your doubts and give you the confidence you need to continue being creative, and encourage you to take it a step further.

I want to highlight two other points Dr. Carson had discussed; “We are all creative and Creativity is not an elite activity.” [2] I know sometimes, how one can feel when you think you have come up with this great idea, or activity and someone can come along and dumb ya down. Or if you have read about the new Nobel Peace Prize awardee, and feel that you have not smart or creative enough to receive such a high honor. It is above you, but truth is it’s not.  There is a zen saying I like to say to myself when I am feeling at a low point. “I think therefore, I am.” If you believe that you are incapable of achieving or creating anything that is great, then that is exactly what you will do. Therefore change your thought process, your attitude to positive and creative thinking, and you can achieve it. Don’t believe me? Read the book, and then share with me your thoughts. Here is my impromptu idea for the week: Read the book! If you cannot buy it, check it out at your local library (I did!) for free. After you are done, try to make note of your favorite exercises, and re-create it in your own way.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

- Norman Vincent Peale

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