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The Self Critique- Fight Your Worst Critic- You!


As a child, I was often bullied. Bullied for being different, bullied for having a different name, hair, you name it. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop at childhood it continued through high school, college, and even in my work environment. For each journey I started, I was able to handle the bullying differently. Bullying is one way to affect a person’s self-image and confidence. I used art as an escape route to get away from the emotional trauma bullying caused me. So of course every now and then, when I have this great idea, or am motivated to do something that I think is challenging and rewarding, I hesitate, because of self-doubt. I question my motives, my skills, my appearance, on the fear that others won’t like it, or hate me, etc. 

I learned over the years to get over the hump, by just doing it.  Whether people liked it or not, because let’s face it, you are not going to please everyone.  If a project or a creative venture doesn’t work out, then I usually go back to the drawing board and simply look at another way I could have done it. 

Funny enough artist are their own worst critiques, a song could always be done this way, or a painting could always have a little oomph.  Sometimes as the creator, you are not always satisfied. Why is that so? I am firm believer it getting to the root of a problem in order to truly fix it. I recognize that my self-critic stems for self-doubt which was embedded in me due to my bullied past. Find your seed of self-doubt, and crush it.

Whatever creative idea and/or venture you come up with, realize that it is okay if at first it doesn’t sound like the greatest thing alive. Write it down; paint the painting, writing the music. Let it marinate for a minute then come back and look at it again. Self-Critique is only good if it is critical criticism, because it allows you to grow. Don’t drink that haterade, its simply not healthy. Here is my impromptu idea for the week: Find your seed, think about the first moment, where self-doubt was created within you. Turn that moment into a painting. Even if you are not a painter, just try it out. For now this is only for your eyes to see.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

-Helen Keller

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