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Spring Cleaning for Your Artful Mind


Spring is coming to an end and the joyous warmth of summer is approaching fast.  A popular ceremony done that is religiously performed by many is the routine of spring cleaning.  What does the average person clean out? I know from a woman’s perspective; it’s when I would switch out my winter/fall clothing for my spring/summer wear. I have always enjoyed the season of spring, it’s usually a season that is represented as starting over, and the Earth literally goes through this in several occurrences. So I began to think about it in terms of creativity.

Just as in spring you may clean out your old closet or switch out the prior seasons wear for the other, why not use the same approach toward some creative projects? We all may have that project that we may have started a while ago but never returned to complete (procrastination can be… well… a meanie).  I’d say spring clean your artful mind, let me explain further. Be inspired by spring’s themes:  renewal, resurrection, and starting anew. Pull out that project that you have already started on or pull out that idea book full of ideas of projects that you have always wanted to do, and do it!

Here is my impromptu idea for the week: First write down all the projects that you have started and never finished and prioritize it from the most inspiring to the least. It’s okay if you don’t complete every project or execute every idea that you have. This will be your moment to “spring clean” that list. Once you are done, start with the first idea/project that you would like to work on, and find time to work on it (see my blog on ow to Incorporate a Creative Hour into Your Day, for ideas of how to do so). Set a completion date, this can help motivate you.  Creative spring cleaning can be awesome!

“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”
-Dee Hock

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