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One of my dear best friends suggested to me once that we should challenge each other to a project, and have it completed in a couple of months.  I thought it was a great idea because not only would I be inspired to push through a new creative project but I also had an art buddy that could help encourage me to keep going in case I decided to fall through the cracks. Collaboration can be a great tool to help encourage creativity. Moreover in this day and age, you can just turn on your computer and discover some pretty cool organizations to help spark, inspire, and encourage creative collaboration with others.

A couple of blogs ago I spoke about a cool arts company called Arthouse, LLC.  They were the organization behind the awesome Sketchbook Project.  Other cool art collaborative companies are HitRECord, Webcanvas, and Talenthouse, just to name a few. These are organizations you can check out if you do not have anyone to be your art buddy. Who knows you might even find an art buddy through these organizations.  I am currently doing a new art project with a different art buddy of mine.  We are co-writing a mystery novel together.

ere is my impromptu idea for the week: Find an art buddy! You can either come up with a collaborative idea to work on together, or challenge we each other to create new projects to complete in certain amount of time. Within the times span you have given each other, remember to schedule in CFP (Creative Follow Up) time. This is when you and your buddy will follow-up with each other to see how your projects are doing. This is an idea that can definitely fuel your creative hour!

“I believe everything creative is somewhat collaborative.”
-Ron White

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