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The Artist with Multiple Personalities

Poetry Hour

Poetry Hour

Epiphany, A Young Girl Journey to Becoming a Woman

The following poems below are an excerpt from my upcoming poetry book.


My Skin

Beauty is skin deep.
I will not apologize.
I won’t apologize for having chocolate colored skin.
I won’t apologize for not having “good hair,”
Whatever the fuck that means.

There are many days when I truly feel sad for being on this Earth

as a black woman, but there are days that I have been very proud to be who I am.

I am a creative person, with an artistic soul.
I have a strong personality, and strong aspirations.
I don’t need a society telling what I am supposed to be. 

What a black woman true beauty is….oh no not the nappy hair; you mean the way our hair is naturally?

What hurts more is when my own people are trying to tell me what looks is better.
Straighten your nappy hair because it looks better!
Light skinned sista’s are prettier.

Oh my goodness you are dark!

What the hell is that, you are telling me the closer we look lighter is when our beauty is of more value.

I denounce no one, for all shades of brown ARE beautiful.

But my people from one sista, one fellow African to another.

Why are you choosing to discriminate amongst your own culture?

Its hurts me, I am a seed from the motherland, you insult me, you insult the very ground of where your roots are from.

So please don’t make one of us of more value then the other

for we are all creations of God, and we all carry a strong spirit.

I am me, take it or leave it.

An Artist of Multiple Personality's

I call myself the Artist of multiple personalities.
An artist of self-expressions that surround the natural character of being
a human being.

Each of my artistic talents contains a different concept of my inner self.
A different passion that I have unleashed OR yet to unleash.

I am an actress of royalty,
a photographer with a sublime eye.

A writer with a view of the world, no, a
writer who's instrument colors pages with words of hidden meanings.
A painter with the heart of innocence.
A musician who's calling awakes those who wish to return to their place
of inner peace.

In me resides all these different hearts,
and many more.

To each of these artists I represent many of so few
whose strength within their creativity could overpower the world.
And gain stability within one heart, giving one love.

I am an artist of multiple souls,

I am unique.



Poem of Reckless Thoughts

Journeys are many some, literally in the sense of travel and some internal. Dreamers are often misunderstood, and
seek true meanings to their dreams.

These are things we cannot help.

Perhaps I need another listener in my life.
Or perhaps the listener I need is within me.

In my heart I have traveled through time.

Here in present, there, past, furthermore, future.

There are too many obstacles that surround my troubled thoughts. I need to breathe and I am finding  it rather hard to do so in my current condition.

Perhaps I need a pastor, my very own muse.

I sit upon a hill looking out to this sunset falling down onto the summer’s eve.
Lust and love remain a factor in my mind.

I need and want to feel that happiness of my ever yearning soul.

My mind often grows weary and cold of explanations to why my body, is so unhappy.

I think my time is coming to an end.

I need to travel, to travel again.
So many things need to come together.

I don’t want to feel not needed anymore.
I will find new paths on my own.

I will satisfy my dream. 

hroughout my time, thinking upon the hill, I realize some secrets will forever be tight-lipped.

And some revealed.
Actions are louder than words.
But so often are actions actually taken.

I don’t know why I see things people often have trouble understanding,
who knows, maybe they never will.