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Hey! The Word Art is in HeART!


February is the month filled with a lot of important dates. It's Black History Month, the month where we get a holiday off (President’s Day). As well as the month of Amore (Love). I hear the corny sighs in the background. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a hilarious, sweet romantic comedy every now and then. However, sometimes the holiday can be a little overshadowed by commercialized candy and floral requests. Romance is great, but it can’t be pressured. When one thinks of the concept or the ideals of love, it can be truly overwhelming and intimidating. Above everything, Love is an expression. So therefore, it should be presented as so. In the recent month I promoted my mini 4x4 abstract heats, on top of promoting my art, I was also promoting the ideals of using creative expression to express love.

In the past couple of years I have been painting abstract hearts in my art, in one way or another. On a subconscious level it could deal with the fact that I have family history that deals with the heart organ. It could also be the lack of romance in my life, but I’d also like to think of it as a small message that I am delivering to myself and others. And that’s to simply love yourself. Sometimes I feel like that statement is easily said than done, or if it's attempted to be done it’s not really done right. What does it truly mean to love yourself?

For me the perfect ingredients to the recipe of self-love would include confidence, a sense of self-worth, a sense of humor, taking care of your physical body and nurturing your spirit. Honoring and being aware of what is truly best for you and not. Sprinkle a little bit of pleasure by treating yourself, and always do what makes you happy. By loving one’s self, you become a better person and being a better person helps with the domino effect that I call humanity. Here is the impromptu idea for the week: Create a piece of art that is reflective of you. Frame it, pin it, sing it, whatever you like, but save it only for your eyes. Because you don’t need anyone else’s approval when it come to you. Trust yourself.

“Do your thing and don't care if they like it.”

― Tina Fey, Bossypants

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