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Action Packed Notes- Making a To-Do List for Action Tomorrow

When I was child my father would stress the importance of creating goals, more importantly visualizing those goals by writing them down first. Do you remember back in your scholastic years of high school and/or college, when you got homework assignments, you had to write down all those assignments in your planner? How about setting goals from when to complete those assignments via day and even time, raise of hands…anyone…oh just me? One of the biggest things that I learned from school aside from the obvious education of English, math, art, etc., was all the other additional skills that aren’t listed in a syllabus. Like how to become organized and set goals to get accomplished. Till this day I make a list of things I would like to complete in a week, day, and/or month. I find that if I set bigger goals and then set sub-goals to attain those goals, the more likely I am able to successfully complete them.

I especially do this when it comes to creative projects that would I love to delve into. I have huge projects dated to be completed in the next couple of years! If you wanted to start a business you would create a goal oriented plan called the “business plan.”  This plan, simply speaking, includes a three to five year plan, breaks down your mission statement, financial plans, and where you see your business going and developing in the next coming years, in addition to much more. 

I’ve came across a couple of online articles that suggest that one should create the same plan for personal goals. Why not create an action packed creative plan? I’ll share a couple of my creative goals in the next few years, I plan to publish at least 3 books, produce 2 web series, and do at least 5+art shows a year. That’s just scratching the surface. By creating a creative plan, the easier it will be decipher what projects are easy to work on every day. Now of course, as my mother likes to say, “Plans are good, but things can happen in between,” so be flexible. A plan can help maintain you in the right path to where you want to go, but with all things creative sometimes something else can inspire your project to a different direction, or lead you to add project! Here is my impromptu project for the week: Create your very own Action Packed Creative Plan, once completed see what project you can start working on a little bit every day.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. “
-C. S. Lewis

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