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Rebirth - Re-Create You!


When I was in middle school I had to take a language arts class. My first year we had Spanish, and the remaining years I took Latin. That’s right Latin the dead language. At first I had no idea why on Earth we should be learning how to read, speak and write a dead language when one who else is going to speak it with me. However I learned later down the line that Latin was the root to the romance languages (Spanish, French, and Italian). And lastly many of the words in the English language were rooted from the Latin dialect. Such as prefixes. Today’s prefix is RE. The Latin meaning for the prefix RE means again or again and again indicating repetition. 

According to the English dictionary there are two meanings:  “1. Indicating return to a previous condition, restoration, withdrawal, etc: rebuild; renew; retrace; reunite. 2. Indicating repetition of an action: recopy; remarry.” So why am I saying all this? I believe that it is important for one to always get to the root of a problem, issue, or idea. Once you have done so you can cipher together your next move.  

In this case I am speaking about Re-Creating a new you! Sometimes our creative block can stem from no one else but ourselves.  Every now and then, we might want to take what I like to call the SCAT (Self Creative Assessment Test) where we really take a moment to look into ourselves creatively and figure out, what is holding ourselves back.

Every season we change our wardrobe from spring wear to summer wear, etc. Well why not do a similar thing to ourselves from the inside out? Now I am not speaking in terms of becoming an entirely different person every year, I am speaking of ways for you to become a better person creatively. Meaning… STEP YO GAME UP! Challenge yourself, I find that if I push myself as an artist to become better, I am naturally evolving to become something more.  Every time this occurs if feels almost as if I’ve been reborn and become REnewed.  Here is my impromptu idea for the week:  Pick one particular creative outlet that you want to become better at and create a challenge for yourself that will push you. For example, let’s say you want to become a better painter, so start for two weeks creating a new painting a day. If you’re a musician write a new song a day for two weeks. Let’s call this the creative rush project. Don’t think too deeply on this because as creators you can always come back to your pieces and shape and mold them to what you like. This project is to jump start your creative evolution. Hey why not give yourself an REward every week you complete this project. Shoot me an email info@lebohemianmuse.com and tell me about your creative rush project, and if you can send over some pics that I may share with the rest of the creative community. Ready…set…GO!

“The most important thing to remember is this:

To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.”

- W. E. B. Du Bois

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