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I have a confession to make.  I have a fear of leaving this lifetime with no one acknowledging that I was even here. Just a memory that over time is forgotten, by those who once knew me, and it will be as if I never existed. Dark it may seem but, I’ve always like the idea of being immortal. Not in physical form but knowing that when you leave, your achievements can help inspire generations in the future.  I came across a video on YouTube of a man speaking about becoming legend, and how our purpose in life was create opportunities for the future generations.  His speech struck a light bulb in my head, at the time; I was rethinking about the purpose I wish to serve to others.

So I started also thinking about the people that have inspired me and how their legacy remains after their passing. I’ve mentioned him before but Picasso is really one of my favorite artists. I not only admire his style of painting but also how he lived his life.

Another muse that I admire is Mrs. Audrey Hepburn. Her life was almost like fairy tale, from growing up in harsh war conditions, to becoming a Hollywood Icon, and then within her last days serving others, through her UNICEF work.  Beautiful from the inside out! These are just a few examples of artists who lead inspirational lives that which inspired me to aspire.

Aspire to be inspirational! Be a creative role model. You might hesitate and say that you are not an artist, but that doesn't mean you are not creative. Last week I wrote on how you can be creative through contribution to a cause that is bigger than you. Here is my impromptu idea for the week: Think of the creative people alive or dead that have inspired you, and write down why.  Then create your own list of things that you are aspiring to do. Once you have done so, turn that list into a creative project, and share it with your community. Let it be known that you do have something to offer, and that you too can become legendary.

“To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to achieve.”
-James Allen-

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