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Creative Color

Sometimes if we aren't feeling very inspired we need a change.  A change in environment, a change in the company we keep, maybe even a change in how we perceive ourselves.  What is your power color? The color that makes you feels good, strong, or confident.  Do ever notice that when you are feeling a certain way you tend to be drawn to certain colors? I know if I am feeling a down, my palette tends to be on the darker side.  You can spark creative inspiration just in the colors you wear and surround yourself with.

My power/favorite color is blue specifically, light blue. Blue is been expressed as a color to symbolize loyalty, peace, and creativity, just to name a few characteristics. It has also been said that if you work in an office, a blue room can increase productivity. When I see it, and or wear it, I find myself feeling happier, and it personally can spark my creativity. So I usually have something blue around my studio to help keep the creative flow going.

Think of your favorite color/power color, is it red (known for warmth, love, anger, danger, boldness, excitement, desire, passion, to name a few) or is it yellow (comfort, liveliness, optimism, intellect, happiness, energy, to also name a few). Here is my impromptu idea for the week: Involve your favorite/power color into your weekly regimen. Be it within your clothing, jewelry, a piece of art in your home or office. Keep it around you to see how you feel. Another option is that you can do is to create a piece of art that includes your favorite color in it. Or you can add more of your favorite color into your environment. Let your power colors empower your creativity!

“A color is as strong as the impression it creates. “
- Ivan Albright

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