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Who is Your Muse?


Sometimes inspiration doesn’t fall into out laps as we like and you find yourself feeling uninspired. I call this the “Creative Drought.”  The Creative Drought is an extensive time when one cannot spark the motivation to be creative or participate in anything that is creative.  I can seriously pledge that I have fallen victim to this, and sadly admit that sometimes I am caught in the Creative Drought, for months at a time. So what’s the cure? Seek a muse.

A muse is that someone that inspires you, drives you, and sometimes pushes you to your highest creative self. Many artists in the past and present have created great works that came from the inspiration that they received from their muses; great examples would be Andy Warhol and Edie Segwick or Picasso and Maria Theresa Walter just to name a couple.  Who or what sparks a passion in you to create?

You can have more than one, I certainly do.  My muses, just to name a few, reside in music, poetry, and my favorite, intellectual conversation.  Here is my impromptu idea for the week: What jolts your spark for inspiration? Is it music? Is it a person? Is it a cause that moves you? Seek it out! Pay attention to it, for it could be the cure to your Creative Drought.

“Inspiration cannot be willed, although it can be wooed.”

-Anthony Storr

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