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Where does Inspiration Come From?


There are various definitions for the word Warrior. The first: One who is engaged in or experienced in battle. The second: One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict. The abstract expressionist painting that you see above is a reflection of both definitions, aim specifically towards women.  That piece was a part of my Visual Poetry Series which was about "portraying the emotional dark and light sides of the heart, mind and soul that women face daily, displayed in a dream like quality.”

For Warrior specifically, I was distressed about how certain women in my circle felt about themselves.  We all have our up and down days of self-confidence, but to think that as a woman,  that you are not strong enough,  be it physically, emotionally, and spiritually was wrong in my eyes.  So begun the inspiration to this piece. What inspires you? The great thing about inspiration is that it can come from absolutely anything. A song, a line from poetry, even an argument with another human being can spark a creative moment.

Sometimes I find inspiration with just people watching. BE INSPIRED! The best part is that it really doesn’t require a lot of time. You can seek out inspiration, or just let it come to you. If you’re having trouble finding your muse, here is this week impromptu idea: Create two different lists, one list should be a list of things you really enjoy/love. After you’re done writing it out, go back and go into detail with topics you wrote down and then go into detail for why  you enjoy/love those things. For the second, list all the things you dislike, and then go back and break it down as you did to the first.  Be Creative! Turn your list into pieces of artwork, put them up, and look at them. So if there is ever a moment you feel un-inspired your muse will be upon the wall.

“ It is never too late to become, what  you might have been.”
-George Eliot-

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