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Track Yourself! Keeping a Log to Study Yourself.


A few blogs back I wrote about the book “Steal like an Artist,” and I had mentioned a few things I had taken away from it and tried. I also mentioned that I would later discuss one other thing that I have been trying out and that has been logging myself. That’s right I have been spying on myself, I am literally keeping a log book of my daily duties. The purpose of keeping a log book on yourself, is to do a self-study. Seeing what you do on a day to day basis can give you a clearer picture of what you are doing in life and if you are taking day-to-day steps towards your goals. So far I have done this project for over a month and half now. I had looked through the log and personally pin pointed certain areas that I wanted to improve in and other areas that I would like to develop further. 

For example, I wanted to read more and check my social media less. On my good days I have only checked my social media twice, and on my worst days which I was happy to see was only twice, it was four times a day. On the days I checked it more, I saw that my routines were very mundane, boring rituals of watching TV, and moping around the house. 

The days that were less were the days that I was more socially interactive, or working on projects that I am passionate about. Looking into more deeply I also realized that I have also kept myself consistent in working towards areas that will keep me creatively motivated. Another example, aside from reading some awesomely cool books, I planned out different goals for the month that I would like to achieve. Goals that would work towards making me a stronger person and artist. I choose to complete seven goals a month (seven is the number known for completion). That might seem a lot, but I like to reach for the stars! If I don’t hit that goal it will only make me determined to push myself further.

Here is my impromptu idea for the week: Log yourself! Try it out for the month, and try including within your day to day a creative hour. After a month analyze the results and look into the areas that you would like to see improvement, and think of the creative ways that you can make it happen.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
- Aristotle

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