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Steal Like an Artist - Book of the Month


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I went on a Creative Sabbatical and that on that sabbatical one of the things I did to get me back into the flow of things was to read a lot a cool books. One of the books that I read was titled, “Steal Like An Artist:” by Austin Kleon. Within this book, Mr. Kleon provides ten different principles to help boost up your creativity. I am not going to spoil it by revealing those principles; this is one book you definitely want to read, however I will let you know some of the key things that particularly spoke out to me. 

The first was the following: “Do the work you want to see done.” Have you ever complained about a film, book, or painting that you have seen, read, or observed and thought to yourself, “I would have done that differently”, or “I don’t really get it”, or how about the occasional, “that was wack!” The statement mentioned earlier is about creating the work that you would want to see

Instead of thinking about what you would have done differently, just do it! I personally have cross that path many times, and have heard this message before through other various outlets, but somehow this statement written so plainly finally lit up the blub in my head. The second was building up a creative tree. Remember last week I had spoken about following your favorite artists/inventors that you admired and read their story? I got the idea from this book. Basically you would read or research everything there is to know about them and start creating a creative tree based on their history. By knowing everything you need to know about those artists you can see the steps that those artists took to get them to where they are or were.  This can inspire you to do the same.

There is one other tool that I was inspired to start myself, but I will write about that particular project next month, after I have tested it out for two months. Yikes!  Here is my Impromptu idea for the week: Create your very own creative tree, I say, start with yourself, if you can make this into a visual project that could be even better. Seeing visually the steps you have taken can also give you a clearer picture of what your steps you need to take next. Then start off with just (3) artists that you admire and breakdown into a family tree format their history as an artist.

“You can’t wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club.”
— Jack London

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